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About RDW

Mitchell Rockwell, owner of RDW, has been into woodworking since the age of 13, “playing around” in his Fathers workshop. Whether it was 4-H projects, or gifts for friends and family, a constant strive for perfection and continual learning has always been the base of his craft. Hi, I’m Mitch Rockwell, what can I build for you?

After finishing college in 1999, I started Rockwell Construction and began building home additions and remodeling, even building a home for my brother. The experience I have gained allows me to complete your project in a timely manner, and most importantly within budget.

With my extensive woodworking background, after a few years being in business I started specializing in interior trim, and cabinetry. This focus on interior millwork is what guided me into starting RDW. Rockwell Construction is still in existence to serve my past and future customers, acting as a general contractor for your larger projects.

RDW is located in Hamilton County and serves all of central Indiana. Our furniture can be shipped anywhere across the country, as some of our pieces have found home on the east coast as well as the west coast.

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